Uploading campaigns from CSV files

You can upload ad texts, keywords, and negative keywords to Yandex.Direct from other ad systems using CSV files.

This tool is available in the “Managing campaigns with XLS and XLSX files” section.

You can currently only import campaigns from Google AdWords.

How to upload a campaign

You can download your Google AdWords campaign in CSV format using the AdWords Editor:

  1. Launch AdWords Editor.

  2. In the program menu go to: FileExport Spreadsheet (CSV)Export entire account....

  3. Save the file.

  4. If you want to edit a CSV file, please use Unicode when saving your changes (the file can change its extension). If the file has changed its extension (e.g. to TXT), manually change the extension to CSV.

  5. Go to the Upload from CSV section of Yandex.Direct on the Managing campaigns with XLS/XLSX page and upload your campaign from the CSV file.

When importing campaigns, please keep in mind that the Yandex.Direct audience and advertising method may differ from other online ad systems. Simply uploading a campaign to Yandex.Direct may not yield the same results as the other ad system. We recommend using the imported information as a time-saving template requiring optimization.

To import the data, you can also create a CSV file using the template.

Rules for transferring and converting data

The following information can be carried over from CSV files to new campaigns:

  • campaign type (from the Campaign Type field)
  • campaign name
  • group name (e.g. from the Ad Groups field)
  • keywords and search match type;
  • ad texts and links broken down by group
  • mobile ad type (from Device Preference field)

The type of match between each keyword and search term will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Broad: the original keyword without “+” signs.

  • Exact: the original search appears in quotes, all the words in the keywords must match the search exactly (an exclamation mark will be placed before each word).

  • Phrase: all the words in the keyword must match the search exactly (an exclamation mark will be placed before each word).

  • After the match type is determined, the “+” search operator will be added to all keywords containing prepositions or conjunctions.

Negative keywords that do not comply with the Yandex.Direct format will not be uploaded. These include:

  • Negative keywords comprising two or more words.

  • Negative keywords with the Negative Exact and Campaign Negative Exact match type.

  • Negative keywords containing invalid symbols.

For each group of keywords, all ad texts conforming to the following Yandex.Direct requirements will be uploaded:

  • title length of up to 33 characters including punctuation and spaces

  • ad text of up to 75 characters including punctuation and spaces

If, when uploading the campaign, the ad's keywords exceed the set amount in Yandex.Direct (which is 200 keywords per group, 7 words per keyword, 4096 characters per keyword, including negative keywords), then several identical ads will be created with the keywords distributed between them


CPC settings will be updated in the interface 5-10 minutes after the file is uploaded.


The interface allows you to upload campaigns using CSV files for free. There are certain limitations as to the number and type of operations you can carry out using CSV files within a 24-hour period depending on the number of points you have on your account. When downloading a campaign from CSV files, points are deducted the same way as when uploading a campaign from XLS/XLSX files.

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