Uploading campaigns from CSV files

You can upload ad texts, keywords, and negative keywords to Yandex.Direct from other ad systems using CSV files.

This tool is available in the “Managing campaigns with XLS and XLSX files” section.

You can currently only import campaigns from Google AdWords.

  1. How to upload a campaign
  2. Rules for transferring and converting data
  3. Restrictions

How to upload a campaign

You can download your Google AdWords campaign in CSV format using the AdWords Editor:

  1. Launch AdWords Editor and select the relevant account.

  2. In the program menu go to: Account → Export → Export whole account....

  3. Save the file.


    If you wish to edit the CSV file, use Unicode when saving changes. This way the file extension can be changed (for example, to TXT). In this case, you can manually change the file extension to CSV.

  4. Go to the Upload from CSV section of Yandex.Direct on the Managing campaigns with XLS/XLSX page and upload your campaign from the CSV file.

When importing campaigns, please keep in mind that the Yandex.Direct audience and advertising method may differ from other online ad systems. Simply uploading a campaign to Yandex.Direct may not yield the same results as the other ad system. It's recommended using the imported information as a time-saving template that requires optimization.

To import the data, you can also create a CSV file using the template.

Rules for transferring and converting data

The following information can be carried over from CSV files to new campaigns:

  • campaign type and name

  • ad group name

  • keywords and negative keywords

  • keyword match types: broad, phrase, exact

  • ad texts and ad headers

  • ad types: common and mobile

  • display links and final URLs (links to landing pages)

  • sitelinks, along with their texts and descriptions


Keywords uploaded from a CSV file are split into three types:

  • keywords for ad groups

  • negative keywords for keywords

  • negative keywords for campaigns and ad groups

Keywords must meet the following requirements:

  • maximum of 200 keywords per ad group

  • up to seven words and up to 4096 characters in keywords along with their negative keywords

If an ad group contains more than 200 keywords, several groups with identical ads will be created, between which keyword data is distributed, when uploading a campaign.

Keyword match types

The + operator is added to all prepositions and conjunctions in keywords and negative keywords. Keyword match types are formed in the following ways:

Match type




Broad match

No changes, apart from prepositions and conjunctions

work from home

work +from home

Exact match

Fixed number of words (by using " ") and fixed form of each word (by using !), apart from prepositions and conjunctions

work from home

"!work +at !home"

Phrase match

Fixed form of each word (by using !), apart from prepositions and conjunctions

work from home

!work +at !home


All ads that meet the following criteria will be uploaded:

  • title length of up to 33 characters including punctuation and spaces

  • ad text length of up to 75 characters including punctuation and spaces

If an uploaded ad has two titles (such as an expanded text ad), the first title becomes the ad title in Yandex.Direct, while the text of the ad consists of the second title and text of the original ad. The resulting ad must also meet the length requirements for titles and texts.

Additional links

Additional links at the group level are added as sitelinks to all ad groups. Additional links at the campaign level are added as sitelinks to all of a campaign's ads, apart from those groups that have their own sitelinks set.

The first four sitelinks that meet the following requirements are uploaded for each ad:

  • link text length of up to 30 characters including punctuation and spaces

  • URL length up to 1024 characters (without http:// or https://)

If the total length of texts of all uploaded links for an ad is more than 66 characters, then only the first few links that fit the limit will be added to an ad.

Sitelink descriptions are displayed only in ads based on a navigation query on desktop PCs and tablets. Descriptions longer than 60 characters including spaces and punctuation will be partly uploaded.


The campaign management interface for XLS/XLSX files is free to use. However, due to the technical nature of Yandex.Direct, the quantity and type of editing functions available, and the number of amendments that can be made in a 24-hour period depends on the number of points on your account. Your balance is recalculated every 24 hours. All points not used up in the past day are “removed”.

The number of available points depends on a great number of factors, mainly:

  • the number of ads rejected during moderation

  • the number of phrases disabled due to a low CTR

  • the average CTR of the advertising campaign

  • the average budget of the advertising campaign

The number of points used for one loading is displayed on the loading confirmation page. The points are deducted only if data is successfully imported. If there are errors during loading, the points are not deducted.

“Cost” of changes:

  • creating a new ad: 12 points

  • editing an ad: 4 points

  • adding a new phrase: 2 points

  • editing a phrase: 1 point

Yandex reserves the right to suspend access to campaign management by XLS/XLSX for some users without explanation.