Call tracking analytics for site

For phone numbers listed on the site, enable free call tracking analytics when creating an ad campaign. You will be able to:

  • Track how many potential customers make calls after landing on your site from an ad.
  • Find out which of the campaigns brings the most customers.
  • Track the quality of calls, build deep analytics, link site user actions to calls, and evaluate ad performance.
  1. How it works
  2. How to enable
  3. Statistics
  4. How Yandex.Metrica collects call data
  5. Campaign optimization for the "Call" goal
  6. Questions and answers

How it works

Yandex provides free tracking numbers for your site with pre-configured call tracking analytics. Phone numbers on the site are substituted automatically when the campaign is launched. The new numbers will be seen only by users who clicked the ad and landed on your site.

When they call this number, the call is redirected to the number listed on the site and linked to the campaign. When answering a call from a redirect number, your employees will hear a recorded message that the customer is calling from a Yandex ad. In 24 hours, in Yandex.Metrica you will see detailed analytics about the number of calls and actual call sources.

If your site already uses a third-party call tracking analytics system or Yandex.Metrica Target Call, this might interfere with Yandex.Direct collecting statistics on calls. We recommend that you choose one call tracking system to use.

Yandex.Direct may reassign your tracking number if it receives no calls for more than 30 calendar days.

How to enable

This setting is available only for Text & Image Ads campaigns.

  1. In the ad campaign settings, enable Collect call tracking statistics from site.
  2. From the Yandex.Metrica tags specified in the campaign, select one tag for call tracking statistics. You must be the owner or have edit permissions for the tag.

  3. Select the phone numbers listed on the site that can be replaced with call tracking numbers (five maximum). If you can't see a phone number from your site in the list, add it manually.

    You can only redirect Russian numbers (landline, mobile, and 8-800 numbers). These are numbers in the format +7XXX XXX XX XX or 8-800 XXX XX XX.

    Only numbers that are shown on your site in text format are recognized by the redirect feature. If numbers are specified in other formats (for example, as images), they won't be redirected.

For each campaign with call statistics collection enabled, a set of up to five unique redirect numbers is assigned. All campaigns that use the same site have the same call tracking settings (Yandex.Metrica tag number, and redirect numbers). This means that when you edit call statistics settings in one campaign, your call tracking settings for another campaign are changed automatically. You will see a notification when this happens.

The system needs up to 180 minutes according to clause 3.12.1 of the Ad serving rules to enable or edit call tracking settings for your site.

Call data arrives to Yandex.Metrica in 24 hours.

If your access permissions for the Yandex.Metrica tag change, you won't be able to edit the settings. If the tag is removed, call tracking is stopped on the site.


Information about calls is available in Yandex.Metrica reports:

  • Calls, details: Lets you find out how many calls Yandex.Metrica linked to site sessions and users. You can also find out the traffic sources, campaigns, or keywords that brought calls to you.

  • Call processing quality: Shows you how well you handle calls: waiting time, call duration, and so on.

  • Call sources: Helps you find out which campaign brought you more calls.

To go to reports, in the campaign settings under Gather call tracking statistics from the site, click the link in the Reports section.

Learn more about the Calls reports in Yandex.Metrica Help.

How Yandex.Metrica collects call data

When collecting data from Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Metrica recognizes users and links the user sessions to calls using Crypta.

To establish links between the data and sessions, special yadclid and yadordid tags are appended to ad URLs in the campaigns with redirect numbers.

To track calls, Yandex.Metrica uses a special goal named “Call”. If the user call was linked to the closest session, Yandex.Metrica counts a conversion.

For more information, see Yandex.Metrica Help.

Campaign optimization for the "Call" goal

When you enable call tracking analytics for your site, you can use the “Call” goal as your priority goal or strategy goal. This will focus the system on your goals: it will automatically select bids to attract the maximum number of calls and meet your strategy's criteria.

You can also select the “Call” goal when you create a retargeting segment. This way you can build different scenarios for communicating with your customers.

Questions and answers

What is the difference between collecting call statistics for a site and for an ad.

When you collect call statistics for an ad, one redirect number is assigned for the company's phone number listed in Yandex Business Directory. Users will see it in ads. Call statistics for an ad are gathered using the company's automatic tag and are available in Report Wizard. Learn more about gathering call tracking analytics for an ad.

When you collect call tracking statistics for your site, up to five redirect numbers are assigned per campaign to help you analyze how your ad affects site users. Redirect numbers are shown to your site users who clicked through from ads. Call statistics are collected using your Yandex.Metrica tag for the site, which is why it's available only in Yandex.Metrica.

Can I gather call tracking statistics for a site if call analytics is already enabled in ads?

Yes, of course. You can enable both options and analyze both ad calls and site calls to find out which setting brings you more conversions.