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Yandex.Direct API

Third-party software, such as accounting applications and ad campaign management software, can be used in conjunction with Yandex.Direct. These applications interact Yandex.Direct through an application programming interface (API), which can be used to automate many of the actions available in the web interface, including creating campaigns, ads and keywords, retrieving statistics and much more.

The majority of API users are online stores, advertising agencies and people with a large number of ad campaigns. The beta version of the API is available free to users of the professional interface and users of the light interface can use a simplified version:

It is possible to configure the interaction parameters through the API in the Yandex.Direct web interface. For this purpose there is a menu item with the same name.

To call API methods, the application sends a request to the server containing the name of the method and input parameters. The application then receives the method result in response. Requests can be exchanged in JSON (recommended) or SOAP. There are plugins and libraries supporting JSON and SOAP for Perl, PHP, Python and other languages. This makes it possible to develop applications using popular web programming languages.

All data is exchanged using the secure SSL protocol, which prevents unauthorized access when transferred over open communications channels. Users receive tokens from the Yandex oauth server when logging in. Digital SSL certificates may also be used.

More information about the Direct API:

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