Brand awareness advertising

The goal of brand awareness ads is to familiarize consumers with the image you want for your brand.

What objectives does brand awareness advertising help you achieve?

Inform people about your brand

Brand awareness advertising helps you introduce new products or services to the market and inform potential consumers about them.

Draw attention

Brand awareness advertising helps to increase the value of your product in the eyes of consumers. It encourages them to learn more about your company, product, or service.

Maintain brand awareness
Brand awareness advertising will remind a broad range of users or customers of your brand.

Cost of placement

Yandex Direct does not have a set cost for impressions because it is based on the results of bidding among advertisers. This is a "Second Price Plus" type of auction: the advertiser offering the highest bid pays the minimum price sufficient to win, which is the nearest competitor's bid + the bid increment.

You can select:

  • Bid per thousand impressions (CPM) and, if necessary, the daily budget, for manual bid management.
  • The budget per week or arbitrary period, and the average price per thousand impressions (for automatic strategies): Maximize impressions for lowest price or Lower cost for repeat impressions. Yandex Direct will recommend an average price to enable efficient spending of the budget with the given settings.

Minimum bid or CPM — 0.07 euro or 0.08 dollars (values for other currencies). For a display banner on a new Yandex Browser tab, the minimum values depend on the display regions. For more information, see the table.

Minimum budget — 10 euros or 10 dollars (values for other currencies).

Minimum order — 15 euros or 15 dollars (values for other currencies).