Yandex.Direct for mobile

The Yandex Direct app is a mobile assistant that supplements the Yandex Direct web interface with the most important features. You can use the app to quickly respond to changes in ad campaigns from your mobile phone.

Attention. The app can only be used by those who have already worked in the Yandex.Direct web interface. The app offers limited functionality — the full set of tools is available in the web interface and Direct Commander.

In the app you can:

  • Manage your CPC.
  • Make a payment (only for individuals from Russia).
  • Start and stop impressions.
  • Add and edit ads and keywords
  • View information about campaigns, ads and keywords.
  • Track aggregated statistics.
  • Get push notifications about ad campaign events.
  • View information about all events on a separate screen

The application automatically syncs with the web interface. Changes take effect the same way as in the web interface.

Download the app for iOS

Available for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) starting from version 8.0.

Download the app for Android

Available for all Android phones and tablets.

For more information, see the Help for the mobile app