Setting realistic bids in Yandex.Direct — now in effect

As we announced in February, the bid limit of 2500 RUB no longer applies in Yandex.Direct. Instead of paying attention to technical limits, we recommend setting bids no higher than you are actually willing to pay for a click.

Auctions continue to function as usual, with the bids you set and actual click prices. The only thing that has changed is the previous threshold, which prevented bids from being set higher than 2500 RUB.

Here are some answers to questions you might have:

  • Unavailable positions previously showed an amount of 2500.10 RUB. How do they look now?

    Ads that do not have the sufficient quality or relevance to appear in higher positions now show a dash instead of a price, as well as a hint as to why the ad’s quality is so low.

    The API gives same high entry price for unavailable positions, which should be seen as a signal of the ad’s low quality.

  • Can I set a bid of 1 000 000 000 RUB per click?

    No. Yandex.Direct will return an error and ask you to set a realistic click price. A more effective practice is to set your own bid limits based on the goals you are trying to reach with your ad campaigns.

    The amount of competition and the load capabilities of Yandex.Direct can affect the technical limit, up to which it is possible to save and transfer bids in Yandex.Direct.

It is generally not worth it to use such big numbers as a reference, given that there are very few businesses actually willing to pay more than 1000 RUB for a click.

If you’d like, we would be glad to prepare additional materials to help you better understand auctions in Yandex.Direct. If you have any questions, please don’t be shy — our managers are ready to help you.