Changes to minimum payment amount coming on March 22

We’d like to remind you that as of March 22, the minimum payment amount in Yandex.Direct will increase from 300 RUB / 10 USD / 10 EUR (without VAT) to 1000 RUB / 15 USD / 15 EUR (without VAT). To find out the minimum payment values for other currencies, please consult the table below.

These changes will only affect the minimum payment amount when adding funds to your account balance — minimum CPC and your weekly budget will remain unchanged.

Once the changes take effect, the new minimum amount will be required to:

  • Add to your account in Yandex.Direct.
  • Transfer funds between campaigns.
  • Make deferred payments.
  • Set for the auto top-up feature (available for direct clients with accounts in Russian rubles).
Currency New minimum Previous minimum
Russian Ruble 1000 w/o VAT 300 w/o VAT
Ukrainian Hryvnia 250 w/o VAT 80 w/o VAT
Belorussian Ruble 30 w/o VAT 9 w/o VAT
Kazakhstani Tenge 5000 w/o VAT 1300 w/o VAT
Turkish Lira 50 w/o VAT 17 w/o VAT
US Dollar 15 w/o VAT 10 w/o VAT
Euro 15 w/o VAT 10 w/o VAT
Swiss Francs 15 w/o VAT 10 w/o VAT
Yandex Units 15 with VAT 10 with VAT