Increased flexibility for Look-alike feature in Yandex.Audience

The Look-alike feature in Yandex.Audience helps advertisers find users most likely to become their customers. To do this, machine learning algorithms search the internet and determine which users most closely resemble the advertiser’s existing customers in their online behavior. Constantly improving their accuracy, these algorithms just recently learned to return on average 50 % more similar users from a sample. In the near future, we expect this number to double.

As of today, there are new Look-alike settings available: by location and device type.

You now have the option to search for “similar” users:

  • only in the cities and on the devices in your original sample.
  • across Russia (not limited to the cities in your main segment), and on any devices.

Two new boxes have appeared on the Look-alike creation page in the Yandex.Audience interface: “Keep distribution by city” and “Keep distribution by device type.”Let’s say the users in your original segment are split 60:40 between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. If you want the users in your Look-alike segment to reflect that same ratio, just tick the “Keep distribution by city” box. Likewise, if your original segment was split 70:30 between mobile and desktop and you want to maintain this proportion, tick the “Keep distribution by device.” Leaving a box unticked means that Yandex.Audience will find similar users wherever and on whatever device they might be.

Let’s take a look at some more examples.

— Distribution by city

Imagine you own a chain of sushi restaurants in the city of Novosibirsk and have collected a large database of your clients. Users who resemble your customers are only of interest if they are located in Novosibirsk, so you want your Look-alike to exclude all other cities. If you tick the “Keep distribution by city” box, your new clients will come from Novosibirsk.

— Distribution by device type

This option relates to which devices the customers in your original segment used. If a third of your original segment were tablet users and the other two-thirds were smartphone users, then ticking the “Keep distribution by device type” box will maintain this proportion.

Both of these options are enabled by default.

If you want to find potential clients across Russia and are not concerned with the devices they are using, then leave these two boxes unticked. The Look-alike can then expand its reach in terms of geography and device type. This is especially relevant if you are looking to enter new markets or expand your delivery area and are seeking similar clients from other cities.

To wrap things up, it has become a bit of tradition to give you a friendly reminder that Look-alike segments in Yandex.Audience, like all other segments, can be used in Yandex.Direct, and Yandex.Display for targeting.