Updates to Report Wizard for campaigns and changes to date ranges in reports

A new Report Wizard for campaigns will be launched soon, with which you can analyze the productivity of your ads in various cross sections. In addition, the maximum date range of available ad placement stastistics is being adjusted, and this change will affect all reports.

New Report Wizard for campaigns

Next week, Yandex plans to launch an updated Report Wizard for campaigns. It will be flexible and customizable, just like Report Wizard 2.0.

In the new Report Wizard you can create reports with their own conditions: choose only the columns you need and use convenient filters. You can also compare time periods to quickly see how changes to the ad are reflected in the productivity of the ad. For example, you can check how clickability increases after enabling callouts or sitelinks.

Reports can be saved as templates, or exported as either XLS/XLSX files, or as CSV files. Templates from the old version will not be supported, but where necessary the templates can be reconfigured.

Please note that, in the new version, the available data you can access starts from February 2014.

Data for last three years

At the start of August in all reports, you will begin to see statistics only for the last three years from the current month. For example, for September 15, 2016, you will only be able to see statistics in your report starting from September 1, 2013. Data from earlier periods for impressions and clicks will still be available in the "Statistics for all campaigns" section.

With this new compact date range, Yandex will be able to transfer reports in Yandex.Direct to a new technology platform. This means that for you the user, Yandex will be able focus on the most popular features of reports, and development time on new useful options will be reduced.

To find out more about analyzing the statistics of ad placement, please refer to the relevant help section.