A new service for effective audience targeting

Yandex launched Yandex.Audience today, a service which helps advertisers target new clients more effectively by creating and analyzing segments with the help of the data they already have about their client base.

1. Find your offline customers in the internet

As businesses work to increase sales and foster brand loyalty through personal recommendations, learning more about their clients becomes a top priority. Using Yandex.Audience, you can take advantage of the data available about your customers and better target your ads.

To begin, load your regular clients' email addresses, phone numbers, or mobile device IDs into Yandex.Audience (from CRM, for example). The service will use its knowledge of Yandex users and their devices to find these clients in the internet and provide you with a list of anonymous identifiers that can be used for targeting.

Once you've saved this segment in Yandex.Audience, you can use it in Yandex.Direct for retargeting. Open the page for creating and editing ads and click “Add” in the new Retargeting lists block (the improved block formerly called Retargeting criteria). A new item, “Yandex.Audience segment,” has appeared in the settings menu.

You can create complex impression criteria by combining Yandex.Audience segments with goals/segments from Yandex.Metrica.

2. Expand your coverage and focus on your best clients

Based on machine learning, the Look-Alike tool can be used to create similar users segments — people whose interests and browsing behavior resemble one of your customer segments.

Let's say that you have created a Yandex.Audience segment made up of loyal customers with large average orders. The “Similar users segment” option then allows you to find people with similar behavioral profiles who are highly likely to be interested in your products and services as well. You have the option of making a separate campaign or simply setting a coefficient increase for this segment.

Doing the opposite can also be effective. To avoid overpaying for users unlikely to be interested in your products, create a “similar” segment in Yandex.Audience based on their data and set a coeffiecient decrease for all users who resemble them.

You can find out more about display settings and bid adjustments in Yandex.Audience on the service's help page.

Along with recent Yandex.Metrica updates — new segmentation and user parameters — Yandex.Audience gives you the option to launch search campaigns designed to work on a personal level with your clients whether they are new or loyal, active or dormant. Continue developing your business by experimenting with Yandex.Audience.

We wish you success in your campaigns!