Automatic removal of unlaunched ad campaigns older than one year

The automatic removal of your unlaunched ad campaigns is planned to come into effect in approximately two weeks in Yandex.Direct. In the majority of cases, such campaigns are kept as drafts in your archive.

Only the inactive campaigns that meet the following two criteria will be automatically removed:

  • campaigns created more than a year ago
  • no funds were added to either the campaign or the shared account linked to the campaign

If for some reason you need to save such campaigns for the future, it's enough to unarchive a campaign and top up that campaign or shared account.

Automatic removal applies to draft campaigns that were created to start working with the Yandex.Direct API. The removal of these campaigns will not affect the operation of your applications that interact with the API.

Advertisers will be sent a separate reminder soon about which of their campaigns that may be subject to automatic removal.