Bidding on new clients — using the “none fulfilled” criteria in bid adjustments

You can now set a separate bid adjustment for users who have not yet visited your site. A new option to save negative criteria with the status "none fulfilled" has appeared in the settings.

For example, if you want to expand your client base and attract newcomers to your site, you can create criteria with the goal "Visited the site — none fulfilled" and set a positive coefficient to the original bid, so that the system automatically increases the bid when serving ads to new users and so that the ads end up being served in higher positions.

This also means another usage case has become easier to work with — how to serve ads to those in your audience who have not fulfilled a single specific goal on your site. To do this, it's enough to create criteria from one of these goals and save it with the status "None fulfilled". In the past, it was not possible to save criteria with negative goals.

Please note that impressions for completely negative criteria is not available for retargeting and can be applied only for configuring bid adjustments, both for search ads and for ads on network sites.

You can read more about bid adjustments in the help section.