Display links: customizing the appearance of links in your ads

Yandex.Direct now gives you the option of customizing the appearance of the link to the advertized site in text & graphic campaigns. You might wonder why this is significant. The truth is that by showing potential customers more than just the domain name, you can attract their attention to your specific landing page. And the feature that helps to do so is the display link. In experiments, display links were able to increase CTR by 3-7% on average.

Here's an example of how it looks:

Previously, ads only showed the domain name of the redirect page.

This meant that an ad would show yandex.com instead of yandex.com/support/direct/mobile/mobile-ads.xml.

You can now add on to the domain name, using words relevant to the content of the landing page. This can be a keyword, the name of a product or service, a shortened version of the name of the landing site — anything that can attract additional attention to your site and help customers understand just what they'll see when they click on the ad for your site.

In our example the display link would look something like this:

yandex.com/mobile-ads or yandex.com/мобильная-реклама.

The display link is shown in Yandex search results on desktops in all ad blocks and in any position. You can add or edit display links in the Direct interface — including multiple amendments — using XLS/XLSX files or the API. This function will be available in Direct Commander in the near future. To create display links specially for every keyword, you can use templates.

Display links can can be used in dynamic ads too: display links are generated by the system itself, which also makes decision about displays.

Detailed information about working with display links can be found in the help section.