Large images in Yandex.Direct ads: stage one

The image sizes used for advertisements in Yandex.Direct are going to be changed. Transitioning to larger images will give your ads more flexibility in adapting to a range of screen resolutions. This change will help make ads more visually appealing, and can make your ad campaigns on the Yandex Advertising Network more effective.

How to upload images in new sizes

The option to upload large images has been added to Yandex.Direct. New image uploads can be at least three times larger than before. Right now you can upload images via the Yandex.Direct web interface and API, and very soon this feature will come to Direct Commander.

The requirements for new images are:

  • For aspect ratios of 1:1 to 3:4/4:3 — from 450 to 5000 pixels on a side.

Support for wide-format images, with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and from 1080×607 to 5000×2812 pixels in size, is also in the works. Yandex plans to start serving ads with these image types in the near future, though you can start supplementing your existing ad groups with images in this new format right now. This will allow them to start being served as soon as wide-format support comes online.

Recommendations for choosing image sizes

Start uploading the largest images possible into your campaigns at your earliest opportunity so that the system can automatically adjust your image sizes in accordance with the requirements for a particular platform, and serve your ads as often as possible.

What’s next?

You will be able to upload images in the old sizes for another month. After that, Yandex.Direct will transition to working exclusively with larger images. You will only be able to add and edit images in the new sizes. Any ads that use images in the old format which still remain in your campaigns will continue to be served, but only on platforms that support those image sizes.

You will be kept up to date on any changes.

Further information about working with images in Yandex.Direct can be found in the help section.