Goal conversions: optimize ad delivery using additional relevant phrases

You can now optimize ad delivery using additional relevant phrases for specific goals from Yandex.Metrica. You set a goal — for example, the user has to fill out an order form. The system will then, out of all automatically-selected relevant keywords, serve ads for those that most frequently lead to clicks with conversions for the goal that you have set. A similar optimization mechanism is used for Yandex.Direct's automated strategies.

The system already counted conversion indicators for additional relevant phrases for goals set in Yandex.Metrica. However, the system only counted the occurrence of a converted action. Now, you can pick which conversions are most important for your campaign at a given moment, so as to attract the maximum number of sessions that fulfill their criteria.

You can access the "Оptimization of goal conversion rate" option in the settings for Text & Image Ads in Yandex.Direct's web interface and the Yandex.Direct API. It will also appear in Direct Commander in the near future.

Additional relevant phrases is a tool that helps broaden the reach of your Yandex.Direct campaigns. You can use it to predict the different ways that search queries may be worded, and use it when working to expand your core set of keywords. For example, the most effective relevant phrases can be transferred to the main list of keywords used for your ad campaign, which will allow you to fine-tune the settings for new keywords.

You can find out more about serving ads using additional relevant phrases in the help section.