Changes to impression statistics and improvements to ad block visibility

We have optimized the technology of ad block visibility on Yandex.Search. Now, the system is more precise in defining instances where a user viewed the first screen, but did not scroll down to the ads below the search results. This means it recorded not that the ad had loaded on the page, but specifically the number of times the audience was able to see the ad.

The ad visibility technology already works successfully on the Advertising Network, where it has adapted to the peculiarities of partner sites and takes into account a variety of ad block layouts, helping sites and advertisers to get objective statistics. Today, this technology allows you to optimize your impressions count in the ad block below search results.

Starting today, these changes will be reflected in the statistics, so you may notice a jump in data in some ad campaigns. The number of countable impressions under the search results will decrease, and as a result the CTR will significantly increase.

In preparation for the launch of this feature, we once again measured the effectiveness of the block underneath the search results, returning it to the right-hand side as part of the experiment. What this resulted in is that in the block on the right there were more impressions (during the experiment they grew by 35%), while clicks were significantly less (falling by almost 40%). So, today, the ad block beneath search results ends up working out several times better than its predecessor, as it drives significantly more traffic to advertisers’ sites.