Direct helps find effective phrases

In Direct the option to autoexpand phrases has appeared. Using this feature, the system automatically selects and adds keyword phrases which have already successfully attracted visitors to campaigns of the same category.

The goal of autoexpansion is to help you reach more of your target audience and keep track of the relevance of your list of keyword phrases. If new phrases emerge that have good potential for your campaign, then the system will add them.

Suppose in your list of keyword phrases you have, "beard trimmer", but you don't have "beard clippers". According to statistics, these phrases work equally well in attracting interested visitors. As such, Direct will begin to display ads for the phrase "beard clippers" so that your campaign can reach more of your target audience.

The bid for clicks for the the new phrase will be set automatically. It won't be higher than the bid for the original phrase "beard trimmer".

How it works
  • The system takes into account the whole list of keyword phrases that your site is advertised on in order to avoid overlap. It won't include impressions on an automatically-added phrase if this phrase is already found in your other ads.
  • In any campaign, new phrases will be added gradually, one-by-one (or just a few at a time), so as not to sharply increase the influx of new traffic. The effectiveness of each phrase added will be monitored at every stage of placement. If necessary, the system will disable or replace variants which are not showing or have stopped showing sufficiently high results.
  • If an ad campaign comes under a somewhat complicated category or has a deliberately narrow target audience, then Direct will not expand the list of keyword phrases. The autoexpand option processes only well-studied categories of products and services, where a lot of statistics have been accumulated, and where advertisers importantly get more traffic from. For example, in categories concerning the sale of clothes or furniture.

Over time we plan to increase the number of categories that the system can add effective phrases to. Therefore the option is available in advance for all advertisers in the interface, under the advanced campaign settings, and enabled by default. At your discretion you can enable and disable this option at any time.

Autoexpand will start off gradually. In a couple of weeks the system will start to develop and add phrases in campaigns for popular categories.

More details on how the new option works can be found in the help section.