Productivity in Yandex.Direct: how to use keywords more effectively

The right keywords are the first step to a successful contextual ad campaign. However, sometimes it’s not easy to factor in all the details at once when selecting your keywords. Consequently, some keywords might be a poor match for the ad copy, appear in search terms very rarely, or bring to your site people who were actually searching for something else entirely.

A feature indicating whether a keyword is useful for your campaign would be handy. And this is exactly the kind of feature we’ve now started testing in the web interface, Direct Commander, and the Yandex.Direct API. From now on, every keyword that you’ve got active on search has its own productivity index.

The productivity index characterizes a keyword in conjunction with the ad copy you created for it. This helps you assess whether you’ve fully developed the keyword, or if there is still room for improvement.

The system advises you on how to identify growth points for a keyword:

Productivity doesn’t affect bids or the process of choosing which ads will be served. Using the system’s prompts, you can fully realize your keywords’ potential and therefore increase the overall output of your campaigns.

To learn more about keyword productivity, please read our help section.