New time zones in ad display settings

You've probably heard that we are returning to “Winter time”. During the night of October 26th, clocks will be reset and Russia will once again have 11 time zones. We’ve planned for this in Direct. You can already access the new time zone grid in the time targeting settings so that you can choose the appropriate display time for each one of your campaigns.

You can adjust your time targeting right away. Even if you change your time zone now, your ads will continue to run according to actual local time until October 26th. “Winter time” changes will only take effect when the time is officially reset.

We recommend that you check your targeting settings ahead of time because a few cities will move to different time zones. When the changes come into force, the time zones for certain cities will shift. For example, Samara will again be ahead of Moscow by an hour because the time zone MSK +1 will be reinstated in Udmutria and Samara oblasts.

Please note that the current Magadan time zone will be divided into three separate ones: one will be in line with Vladivostok, another with Srednekolymsk, and the third with Kamchatka. If the cities where you show your ads are located in the current Magadan time zone, you can manually chose the most appropriate new time zone in your settings. Otherwise the system will set your campaign display time in line with MSK +7 (Vladivostok) by default after the zone is reset to Winter time.