Account quality index: how to make your ads more effective

Starting today, a special block in the interface will display your account quality index — an overall rating of all your Yandex.Direct ad campaigns. Scores are assigned on a 0-10 scale and based on how effective your ad settings are.

The system doesn't just assign you a score, but also gives you hints on how to optimize your placement. For example, it tells you what you can do to noticeably broaden your target audience reach or increase your campaign's "clickability" by up to 250%.

Your hints are individualized based on your campaign settings. So, for instance, the system might recommend that you allocate your budget differently, add sitelinks to ads, and enable impressions using additional relevant phrases.

Even if your account quality index reaches 9-10 points, there is always room for improvement. You might, for example, update your list of negative keywords or experiment a little with various illustrations. The more flexible you are in responding to consumer demand and making use of the system's new features, the higher your chance of attracting the maximum possible target audience.

See our special Help section for more information about the account quality index.