Change in statuses of disabled phrases

In Yandex.Direct we are going to abolish the outdated statuses of disabled and disabled on search for keyword phrases so they no longer interfere with your work in the interface. Several years ago these statuses were assigned to phrases in accordance with the Advertising Terms and Conditions that were in effect at the time.

We have planned several changes:

1. Removing redundant phrases with the “disabled” status

Non-functional keywords – the impressions for which have already been disabled on all sites due to low CTR – will automatically be removed from campaigns in a month. Regardless, all the statistics on them will continue to be available to you at any time.

We remind you that the CTR of such phrases was less than 0.5%. This is a signal that these keywords were ineffective and should be replaced with more accurate keywords.

2. Returning phrases that have the “disabled on search” status

In your ad campaign you will come across phrases whose impressions were disabled only on search due to a low CTR but continue to be enabled on Yandex Advertising Network content sites.

If they are important for your tasks, you can re-enable their impressions on all sites. To do this we’ve added a special “Restore phrases on search” option on the “My Campaigns” page.

If you decide not to use the phrases that are disabled on search, in a month they will receive the status of suspended. You can return any of the keywords with such status to impressions on all sites when you consider it necessary. However, we first recommend that you analyze how useful they are and whether or not they attract clients.

Attention. If you yourself used the “Independent management of search and content sites” strategy and disabled impressions on search, then phrases will not be suspended. They will continue to be displayed on Yandex Advertising Network content sites. Under this strategy, when impressions on search are enabled, all phrases in a campaign become active there.

Please note the corresponding changes in the Advertising Terms and Conditions.

You can ask your Yandex personal manager or our support service questions about all these proposed changes.