Yandex.Catalog has joined the Yandex Advertising Network

Today the Yandex.Catalog service became a Yandex Advertising Network site.

This means that ads in Yandex.Catalog categories and Catalog search are now displayed in your general YAN settings. However, it is no longer possible to select categories or manage cost per click (CPC) for ads in Direct’s interface and API.

After joining YAN, the ad block positions and number of ads on Yandex.Catalog pages remain the same, while the cost of bids for advantageous positions dramatically decreases.

All statistics that have been collected have been saved and are available for viewing whenever you want.

By default, impressions are carried out according to the following rules:

  • If impressions in YAN are enabled, ads are automatically displayed in Yandex.Catalog, even if placement there was disabled before. In addition, the system selects the most appropriate Yandex.Catalog categories. If you want to disable impressions on this platform, just add it to the black list.
  • If impressions in YAN are disabled, ads will not be displayed in Yandex.Catalog. To start or continue placing ads there, you must enable ad impressions in YAN.

Please note: after the updates have been launched in Direct’s interface and API, old settings may continue to be displayed for another day, but they will no longer function.

As a reminder, you can always read help for more details on YAN settings.