Additional links are now available for all premium placement positions

Additional ads can be displayed for ads located in all three premium placement positions starting today. Previously, this simply way of increasing advertising's effectiveness was available only to advertisers who placed ads in the first, highest premium placement position.

We expanded the amount of places for additional links as they proved to be useful for both users--who received more information directly on the search results page more conveniently--as well as advertisers, who attract more target traffic to their site by using them. According to our statistics, the presence of additional links in an ad increases CTR by 9% on average, up to 40% maximum.

Using this tool won't cost extra: if a viewer clicks on several links when viewing an ad, the advertiser will only pay for one click.

Add additional links:

  • to ads that are often displayed in premium placement. For each of these ads, it's better to think up it's own set of links. Instructions on adding links are laid out in help for Direct.

  • to ads that are seldom displayed in premium placement. For these ads, a universal set of links will work and can be added to all ads at once using bulk multi-editing operations or an Excel file.