Changes to display terms of low CTR keywords

We have made two changes to the Yandex.Direct ad display terms and conditions. Both of these changes regard keyword phrases with a low CTR: specifically, phrases at risk of being disabled due to a low CTR and phrases that are not relevant to the ad's text.

First of all, impressions for keyword phrases with low CTR will no longer be disabled automatically. Previously, we stopped impressions of phrases on Yandex Search whose CTR was lower than 0.5%.

We have made this change following feedback from advertisers who wish to independently manage their keyword impressions irrespective of the CTR. We will now simply notify advertisers of any keywords in a campaign with a low CTR. Please note: phrases disabled before this date will not be reactivated.

We recommend paying attention to phrases with a low CTR. These phrases do not attract enough clients and adversely affect the quality coefficient of your ads, which in turn increases the cost of placement. You should work for them on an individual-basis, finding out the reasons for their low efficiency.

The autofocus tool is also available to help advertisers on Direct. The tool refines phrases using negative keywords, without waiting for the keyword CTR to fall below 0.5%. Autofocus is based on user search statistics of ad impressions and conversions. Autofocus refines inefficient keywords to avoid wasted impressions as far as possible, where users are unlikely to follow the ad.

The second revision of the ad display terms and conditions affects irrelevant keyword phrases: if our ad system determines that a keyword does not match the ad text, the minimum CPC for guaranteed ad impressions will be increased. Therefore, a threshold for entry into the guaranteed impressions block may appear for keyword phrases that do not match the subject of the ad, even if there is no competition for placement. This stops Yandex users from seeing ads that do not match their searches and helps advertisers weed out ineffective keywords, while avoiding wasted target impressions.

If the keyword phrases are poorly chosen, i.e., they have low CTR and don’t match the subject of the ad, an ad campaign cannot bring quality results. We recommend you regularly correct your keyword phrases and ad text that they relate to in order to ensure that you continue to target your audience and find new clients among Yandex's multi-million audience. You can find tips on how to refine keywords and improve your ad campaigns in the Yandex.Direct help section.