How can I view statistics for a certain time period?

Tap the heading on the Statistics screen and select the period you want to see data for.

How do I select what metrics to display in the statistics?

If you only want to track certain metrics, you can select those ones from the general list. Statistics for those metrics are available in table and graph form (which can display either a single metric or two simultaneously).

On the Statistics screen, tap  → Metrics and select the appropriate options in the list.

On the Summary screen, you'll see information about the first five metrics you selected. To change the metrics order, drag them to their appropriate places in the list using the button.

How can I display two graph lines?

On the Statistics screen, tap and then enable the Compare metrics option.

Then you'll be able to simultaneously view two graph lines representing different metrics. Just select them on the Statistics screen.

How do I select a data section for the statistics table?

You can select whatever data section you want to display in the statistics table. For example, if you select the Device type section, you will see impression data divided into desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

The data sections available in the app are related to your campaign settings (Campaign type, Campaigns, Site type, Geotargeting region, Position), and data about the users who viewed your ads (Region of user's location, Device type, Operating system type, Connection type, Gender, Age).

To select a data section, go to the Statistics screen and tap  → Section.

How can I set up a grouping for a statistics table?

Data in the table can be grouped by various time periods. For example, if you group by week, you can see data for every separate week.

To select a data section, go to the Statistics screen and tap  → Grouping.

How do I organize data in a statistics table?

To sort a table by column, tap the column heading.

How do I view statistics for a campaign, ad, or ad group?

In addition to your account's aggregate statistics, you can view statistics for specific campaigns, ad groups and individual ads.

In the campaign list, swipe the campaign you need to the right and tap Statistics. Alternately, you can tap Statistics on the campaigns screen. Data for the previous three months displays.

Note. The button will not display if no impressions were served for that campaign.

Similarly, you can view statistics for ad groups and individual ads over the last 7 days.

If your screen is vertical, statistics will display in a table; if it is horizontal — in a graph. You can scroll the graph to the left or right, as well as change the scale of its axes by spreading or pinching them.

The data in the table can be sorted by column. Just tap on the column title.