Login and password for the application

How do I sign in under a different username?

On the Profile screen, tap Sign out and choose the username that you want to sign into the app as from the list. If your username is not in the list, tap Select another account, enter your username and password, and tap Sign in.

How do I set a password for the app?

The Yandex.Direct mobile app will not ask for your username or password every time you launch it. If you want to protect your information from unauthorized access, you can set a password for the app. This password consists of four digits, has no relation to your Yandex username and is only used for signing into the app.

On the Profile screen, tap App password and activate the PIN code access option.

If you forget your app password, you can reset it. However, after doing so you will need to sign in again for all usernames. To reset the app password, tap Forgot your app password? on the sign in screen.