Events and notifications

Where can I see all events?

To see all the events that have taken place with your account over the last two days, go to the Summary screen and tap New notifications.

Tap an event in your feed to go to the related campaign, ad, or keyword. If you tap a “Funds exhausted” or “Used 80%” event, you will be transferred to the payment screen. For the “Change in position” event, you will be transferred to a screen that functions similarly to the Bid Wizard (where you can adjust your CPC for the displaced keywords).

To hide certain events from your feed, tap . Uncheck the event types that you do not want to display in your feed and tap Done. If some of the events are hidden, the event filter button will change to .

To refresh the event feed, drag it downward with your finger.

How do I view events related to a campaign, ad, or ad group?

Tap Events on the campaign, ad, or ad-group screen.

How can I get push notifications?

Attention. Push notifications are only available for advertisers, not for agencies.

Push notifications are sent to your mobile device, even if the Yandex.Direct app is not running on it. To get notifications, you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi- or cellular data-network.

You can enable or disable push notifications and customize how they look in your iPhone/iPod/iPad settings:

Settings  → Direct → Notifications.

You can specify how often you want to receive notifications and interesting events in your app settings. By default, you won't get more than one notification per hour. Please note that when you use the mobile internet, push notification delivery may get delayed (but usually not by more than 10-15 minutes depending on the cellular network).

How do I set up push notifications?

To get to your settings, on your Profile screen, tap Settings → Push-notifications.

Then on the settings screen, select your notification frequency and indicate which events you want to get notifications about. To go back, tap .