Search and browse

“Text & Image Ads”, “Ads for Mobile Apps” and “Dynamic Ads” ad campaign types are supported in the app.

How do I quickly find a campaign, ad or keyword?

On the screen with the list of campaigns, ads or keywords, enter what you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the screen.

Attention. If a group contains multiple ads, only the top ad displayed in the group's list of ads will participate in the search for ads in the campaign.

How do I show or hide campaigns?

On the Campaigns screen, tap and select the settings for which campaigns to display in the list:

  • types (for example, “Ads for Mobile Apps”)

  • status (for example, active or under moderation)

To only show important campaigns, enable the relevant option.

How do I sort campaigns?

On the Campaigns screen, tap  → Sort campaigns and select the campaign sorting method: by account balance, the date impressions began, or one of the metrics (such as average CPC).

How do I label campaigns as important?

On the campaign screen, tap  → Add to important. The campaign will be marked with a star in the list. Learn more about important campaigns in Yandex.Direct.