The Summary screen displays basic information about your account: the total account balance and account statistics summary. You can use it to pay for a shared account or enable one if it is not yet enabled, or go to the account statistics screen.

How do I enable a shared account?

If you haven't enabled your shared account, follow these steps:

  1. On the Summary screen in the Shared account block, tap + Enable.

  2. Confirm your choice in the Direct web interface. Enter your username and password in the browser window that opens. Tap Log in.

    Note. If you are logged in to the Yandex browser under a different username, you will need to log out first.
  3. Tap Enable shared account.

How do I change the daily budget?

On the Summary screen, open the daily budget for editing. Specify the budget amount and display mode, then tap Set.

How do I select a time period for statistics?

Tap on the heading of the statistics section and select a time period from the list. To manually set a time period, tap the start date in the calendar, followed by the end date.

How do I change the order of metrics?

Tap  → Metrics and drag the metrics to their appropriate places in the list using the button. Then click Done.

The statistics overview contains information on the first five metrics.