Campaign status

How do I start and stop impressions?


Find the campaign in the list and tap  → Stop or Launch.


Draft campaigns are only available for viewing; you can not perform any actions with them in the app.

The only action you can perform with archived campaigns is to unarchive them.


  1. Select a campaign from the list.
  2. Swipe the screen to the left to go to Keywords.
  3. Find the appropriate keyword and tap  → Stop or Launch.

You can also stop or launch keywords this way on the ad or ad group screen.

How can I unarchive a campaign?

In the campaign list, find the one that you need and tap  → Unarchive.

After you unarchive the campaign, it is marked "stopped"; you have to tap Launch if you want the campaign to run again. Additionally, the campaign may automatically be sent for re-moderation. In this case, the ads will not be served until they pass moderation.

Note. Campaigns can not be archived using the app. Likewise, individual ads can not be archived or unarchived using the app.