Campaign and ad statistics

How do I display statistics for a given time period?

Tap the heading of the statistics section and select a time period from the list.

To manually enter a time period, tap the beginning date in the calendar, followed by the ending one.

How to select metrics to display in your statistics?

If you only want to track certain metrics, you can select those ones from the general list. Statistics for those metrics will be available in table and graph form (for one or two metrics simultaneously).

On the Statistics screen tap  → Metrics and mark the appropriate points in the list.

On the Summary screen, you'll see information about the first five metrics you selected. To change the order of the metrics, move them up or down in the list using the button.

How can I display two graph lines?

On the Statistics screen, tap , and enable the Compare metrics option.

Then you can view two graphs of different metrics simultaneously. Just select them on the Statistics screen.

How do I select a data section for the statistics table?

You can select the appropriate data section for the statistics table. For example, if you select the Device type section, you will see impression data divided into desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

The app contains data sections that are linked to your campaign settings (Campaign type, Campaign, Ad network type, Geotargeting region, Position) and data on the users that saw your ads (Region of user's location, Device type, Operating system type, Connection type, Gender, Age).

To select a data section, go to the Statistics and tap  → Section.

How can I set up a grouping for a statistics table?

You can group data in the table by time periods. For example, if you group by week, you can view data for each week separately.

To select a data section, go to the Statistics screen and tap  → Grouping.

How do I organize data in a statistics table?

To sort a table by column, tap the column heading.

How do I view statistics for a campaign, ad, or ad group?

Tap Statistics on the campaign, ad, or ad-group screen. Data for the previous seven days will display.

Note. This button will not display if there were no impressions for your campaign, ad group, or ad.

To change the type of data (impressions, clicks, etc.) displayed in the graph, tap the name of the data type in the table. You can scroll the graph to the left or right, as well as change the scale of its axes by spreading or pinching them.