Setting bids

You can set bids for keywords and autotargeting in the app. Other impression criteria (such as retargeting lists) do not appear.

How do I set a bid for all keywords in a campaign, ad, or ad group?

On the screen for the campaign, ad group, or ad, tap Bid Wizard.

Note. This button does not appear for campaigns with automatic display strategies that do not involve manual bidding.

If your impression strategy allows you to manage bids individually, you can choose to set a price for search only, ad networks only, or both at once.

You can either set a single bid for all keywords , enter a bid for each keyword separately, or use the Bid Wizard. To switch between bid-setting modes, swipe the screen to the left or right.

Note. If you choose to set bids for search and ad networks simultaneously, the Bid Wizard will not be available.

Specify your bid parameters and tap Set.

Example: Bid Wizard

Let's assume that the guarantee entrance bid for a keyword is USD 1 and the first place bid is USD 1.5.

If you select "set guarantee entrance bid + 30% of the price", then a bid for USD 1.3 will be set for this keyword (1 + 0.3 × 1).

If you select "set guarantee entrance bid + 30% of the difference with the 1st place", then a bid of USD 1.15 will be set for this keyword (1 + 0.3 × (1.5 – 1)).

How do I set a bid for a single keyword?

Select a campaign from the list. Then select the ad (ad group) and keyword that you want to bid on. Specify your bid for search, ad networks, or both at once and tap Set.