Working with campaigns, ads, and keywords

How do I quickly find a campaign, ad or keyword?

Tap on the screen displaying your campaigns, ads, or keyword list. Enter the name of your campaign, ad title, or keyword in the search bar.

How can I hide and sort campaigns?

On the Campaign screen tap .

Uncheck the types of campaigns that you don't want to display, select how you want to sort campaigns within each type (by account balance, number of clicks, or placement date), and tap Done.

How do I change a campaign's daily budget?

On the campaign screen, tap  → Change daily budget. Specify the budget amount and display mode, then tap Set.

How do I label campaigns as important?

On the campaign screen, tap  → Add to important. The campaign will be marked with a star in the list. Learn more about important campaigns in Yandex.Direct Help.

How do I add or change a keyword?

Go to a relevant ad group and tap  → Add keyword. Enter a keyword and tap Save.

You can change a keyword at any time. To do this, go to the keyword and tap  → Edit.