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Wordstat helps to gather information about Yandex users' search terms.

The number next to each query is the predicted number of impressions per month that you can expect if you use this search term as a keyword. The system forecast is based on data from the 30 day period before statistics are updated.


The system reads data only for the Yandex search results page, ignoring requests made by users on websites in the Yandex Advertising Network.

How can I view data for past periods?

To understand the dynamics of user interest in your product, go to the Query History tab. Here you will find data for the last 2 years grouped by month. The system also plots a chart of user activity.

What additional operators are supported by Wordstat?

When using Wordstat, you can refine your queries by using the following additional operators:

  • Operator - (negative keywords)
  • Operators () (grouping) and | (or)
  • Operator + (plus)
  • Operator " " (quotation marks)
  • Operator ! (exclamation mark)

You can find more information about working with these operators in the Symbols and operators section.


Additional operators will only work under the By keyword tab. This capability is not supported under the By region and Query History reports.

The system prompts me to enter my username and password

Only authorized users can work with Wordstat. Enter your username and password to continue working with Wordstat.

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