Ad has not displayed

The most common reasons why an ad that has passed moderation is not being displayed are:

the ad has not been activated yet
If you have recently paid for or turned on the ad, the ad may just not have been activated yet. It takes on average about 40 minutes for an ad to appear in the search results after activation. The maximum time for an ad to pass through the activation process is 3 hours.
the ad was not on the first page of Yandex search results
Check your ad impression numbers on the All ad views of Yandex.Direct (search done by keywords). If you still have any questions about your ad position or you would like to change it, use the feedback form.
the order is not paid for
Ads will only be displayed after you pay for the advertising campaign. If you have paid via bank or online bank, impressions will begin once your payment is credited to Yandex's account. Payment information is checked every three hours by the online statement system.
the time and the region of the ad display do not correspond to the time and region settings in the browser
The current time or day of the week may not correspond to the display time of the ads of your campaign. The region setting of your browser, must match the display region of your ad.

Detailed information is provided in the Why are my ads not displayed? section.

If you could not find the answer to your question, please call +7 (495) 780-65-20. We will be happy to help solve the problem.

You can also write to us using the feedback form.

The reasons described above are not suitable for my problem

Tip. If your ad did not pass moderation, you can find out the reasons why it was rejected by clicking on How to fix it in the rejected ad. You can ask questions about moderation using this form.