An age restriction has been added to the ad

The 18+ rating is added automatically to all ads advertising the below listed products:

  • games, music and movies
  • concerts, shows, sports events and other entertainment events
  • print media (newspapers, magazines and books)
  • specific TV and radio programs and shows
  • databases and computer programs

The indication “Consult a Specialist: Food for babies over 11 months old” is added by default to baby food ads.

Change 18+ to other values

If your products are intended for consumers under 18 years of age, you can change the age restriction yourself on the advertising campaign page.

Just click on the notification and select the appropriate value.

Delete age restriction

Age restrictions cannot be deleted if a media product is the subject of your ad. If necessary, you can change the age restriction.


If your ad does not concern media products and you believe the age restriction was added by mistake, please fill out the form below to remove the restriction.

The goods or services I advertise are not media products