How to change the payment currency

The available payment currencies, methods of payment for ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct, and additional tax charges depend on the country chosen.

Attention! Your currency cannot be changed after you set it when creating your first ad campaign on your account. Please make your decision carefully.
I chose the wrong currency when creating my ad. Can I change it?

It is too late to change the currency for this account. To select a different currency, you need to register a new username on Yandex and select the correct currency at the first stage of the campaign creation process.

If an advertising campaign already exists under your username, you can copy it and upload it to a new account using XLS files. This option is available only in the Yandex.Direct Professional interface.

To switch to the Professional interface, open the My ads page and click on Go to Professional interface at the bottom of the page. Make sure that Professional is selected in the window that appears and click Start using the service.

Export campaign as an XLS file from the current account, amd then upload XLS file to the new account (Upload from XLS tab).

I'm having difficulty selecting a currency