How to change your Yandex.Direct interface

Switching from the Light Interface to the Professional Interface

Users of Direct can transfer their advertising campaign from the Light Interface to the Professional Interface at any time. This can be relevant if, for example, you want to manually manage bids and placement positions.

To switch to the Professional Interface, open the My ads page. Then click on the Switch to Professional Interface link at the bottom of the page. Make sure that Professional is selected in the window that appears and click Start using the service.

Please note that the Professional Interface features a wider collection of impression strategies. To choose the strategy that is best for you, refer to the Help section.

Switch from the Professional back to the Light Interface

You can always return to the Light Interface if the following conditions are met:

  • You have no more than one active ad campaign.

    If you have several campaigns, you can archive the campaigns you don't plan to work on before returning to the Light interface.

  • The campaign settings are compatible with the Light interface.

    Your campaign must have the same settings it had before switching from the Light interface to Professional.

On the My campaigns page, click the Switch to Light interface link. Make sure that Light is selected, and press the Start using the service button.

If you don't see the Switch to Light interface link, we will help you configure the necessary parameters. Please complete the form below.


If you initially choose the Professional Interface for your order, you will not be able to switch to the Light Interface at a later date.

Unable to change the interface