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My site content has been copied

Yandex does not have the authority to delete, supplement or change the content of websites belonging to third parties. You need to address this matter directly with the owners of the websites where you found copied content.

I think that certain activities of an advertised organization violate the law.

The investigation of offenses or crimes, as well as the admission of guilt by third parties of committing offenses or crimes fall outside Yandex's authority. Please contact law enforcement agencies or judicial authorities to address these issues.

Different ads from the same organization are displayed simultaneously in Yandex.Direct search result listings

If you noticed that multiple webpages from the same organization are simultaneously present in Direct search result listings, report it to us using the feedback form.

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Make sure you fill in the Ad Heading Link field. We need this information to find and recheck the ad materials.

Restriction. Requests without the correct ad heading link will not be reviewed. To copy a link, right click on the ad heading and select Copy Link.
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