Access to ads


Please note that you can only use this form to regain access to Yandex.Direct ad campaigns.

If you don't have an advertising campaign, use another form to let us know about the issue you're experiencing. 

Try using the prompt on the access recovery page. In the Username or email field, a possible username will appear under Perhaps... if you logged into your account from the same computer recently.

If you are unable to restore access, please use the form below to let us know. Make sure to include your campaign number and any other information which can help identify you in the system (for example, numbers of paid invoices or statements issued).

Fill in form

The quickest and easiest way to restore access to your account is by using automatic password recovery. Follow the link Forgot your password? and select one of the proposed access recovery options. For example, answer the security question you provided when you registered.

If you are unable to restore access the first time you try, you might try writing the answer to the security question in different ways or switching your keyboard language. You can also use other recovery methods such as having a message sent to an alternative email address or via SMS to your mobile phone. These options are only available, however, if you previously enabled them in your account settings.

If you are sure that you did everything correctly, but still can't log into your account, fill out the form on the "I forgot my password" page.

In some cases we can transfer the campaign to another username if the methods listed do not help to recover your password. Please fill out the form below, and we will send you further instructions.

I was unable to recover my password and want to transfer my campaign to another username.