Why have additional words appeared in my keywords?

For new keywords

Each added keyword is automatically optimized after the ad is saved. The system analyzes the text of your ad and refines the keyword based on search query statistics. As a result, negative keywords may be added to phrases.

Adding negative keywords helps you avoid price competition for unnecessary queries and, in most cases, results in more efficient use of your advertising budget.

For example, if you have specified mineral water as a keyword for an ad for the Caucasian Mineral Waters health resort, the ad will be displayed for such queries as mineral water delivery and bottled mineral water. Once the ad has been saved, the following negative keywords will appear next to such a phrase: -delivery -carbonated -bottled -office and others. As a result, you ad will not be displayed for such queries as mineral water delivery or bottled mineral water.


Negative keywords are added automatically only for ads and phrases in Russian.

For keywords with statistics

If statistics have been accumulated for a keyword and there are not enough clicks in spite of a large number of impressions, the system will add negative keywords or positive keywords. Refined phrases are marked by a special symbol. Added negative keywords are highlighted in gray.

For example, for the phrase car body repair, the system will add the positive keyword Toyota to specify the audience that may be interested in your ad.


Refined phrases are created automatically and are enabled without preliminary moderation. Such phrases may contain competitors' brands and unusual words, depending on the contents of queries on which the ad impressions were based.