How to place an ad

You can create and place your own ad in the Yandex.Direct Light interface in a few simple steps:

  1. Specify the regions in which you would like your ad to be shown.

  2. Compose the ad title and text.

  3. Enter the website address, or you can create a page with contact information, which is called a vCard.

  4. Select the keywords a user should enter in Yandex search in order to view your ad.

  5. Determine your weekly budget. The system will forecast the approximate number of visitors that will be attracted.

  6. Set up the time period when you want to show the ad.

  7. Enter your contact information.

    The impression and notification schedule can be set up only when creating the first campaign. Once the first advertising campaign has been saved, you can modify these details in the Settings section.

  8. Send your ad in for moderation. Once your ad has been reviewed by our moderator, you can pay for your order.

  9. Pay for your ad. You can pay the amount recommended by the system or enter your own amount (from 300 rubles). The recommended budget is calculated for a week. A smaller amount may be spent more quickly.

Once payment arriver in the account of the ad campaign, the ad will appear in the search results of Yandex, and on pages of the Yandex Advertising Network and the ad exchange.

To place your ad, click the Place ad link.