Why aren't my ads receiving impressions?

My ad still hasn't been approved by the moderator

Advertising materials (texts, keywords, and links from ads (if any)) are normally moderated within several hours. No ads are reviewed at night.

The moderation of contact information takes place during the working hours specified in the contact details, and can therefore take up to 24 hours. The ad materials for the same order will take much less time.

In some cases an ad may begin being displayed automatically. It means the ad will be displayed almost immediately after its creation or modification. However, the moderator will check it for compliance with the advertising material requirements and it may be rejected later based on the results of the check. The moderation of such ads usually takes place within about three days.

You will receive an email notifying you of the outcome of the moderation. The results will also be displayed on the My ads page.

Moderation work schedule: the moderating team works seven days a week from 09:00 to 00:00.

Ad rejected by moderator

The ad text and the advertised products or services may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • The text contains typos or spelling mistakes — you need to correct the text or ad heading.
  • The header, text and the ad's URL should not contain words typed in capital letters — in accordance with the advertising material requirements, with the exception of registered trademarks and abbreviations composed of the initials of abbreviated words (USSR, GOST and so on).
  • The heading and ad text cannot include words that have been written with a space between each l e t t e r.
  • The ad text or subject does not match the advertised website — for example, if the ad contains information about a discount or offer, the ad link must lead to a webpage where this discount is clearly visible.
  • The webpage to which the ad link leads does not open, or the site itself may be unavailable — at the time of moderation, the advertised website may be offline, or the indicated webpage may be missing.
  • The heading and ad text cannot contain telephone numbers, email addresses, ICQ numbers or postal addresses — Yandex advertising policy prohibits the use of contact information in the ad itself. You can, however, place all your contact details in a vCard, or another webpage that users will see when they click on your ad.
  • The ad does not comply with current legislation — the service or product you are trying to advertise does not comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, so your advertising materials cannot be accepted for placement.
  • The text contains unconfirmed information, false information, or inaccurate comparisons — the law “On Advertising” prohibits this, therefore the text must be corrected.
  • these goods/services are subject to licensing/certification — you can provide the necessary documents using the feedback form
  • The ad does not conform to Yandex advertising policy — the advertised product/service contradicts Yandex advertising policy, and thus we cannot place this ad on Yandex Direct.
  • The website does not meet the requirements — the requirements for advertisers' websites can be found in items 8–12 advertising material requirements.
  • The ad does not conform to news advertising requirements — an ad for a news website, which features a news article published on the promoted website, should link to this article. The ad text should correspond to the headline and content of this news article. It should also be made clear in the ad text that the ad is promoting the source where the article can be read. Details can be found in paragraph 5.1 advertising material requirements.

The ad's keywords may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Keywords must be separated by a comma — you need to separate the keywords with commas.
  • The keywords do not comply with the ad's content contextual ads must match the users' search queries; therefore, contextual ads are not used for general queries such as: sale, purchase, rent, order, price, delivery, discounts, hire, free, clearance, buy and so on. Determine how well your chosen keywords match what you are advertising and eliminate those that are not a close match.
  • The negative keywords do not contain a space — insert a space between each minus word.

Contact information may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • There are spelling mistakes in the contact information or detailed description — please correct any spelling mistakes in the country/town/city/address/company name, the name of the contact person, and/or detailed product/service description.
  • The contact telephone number, extension or contact name has been entered incorrectly — the telephone number or extension you specified belongs to another person/organisation or does not work at all. Please check the number.
  • The telephone number does not respond, or is not available — any attempts to contact the number during working hours provided have been unsuccessful. Please correct your working hours, or change the telephone number.
  • Incorrect contact information — сheck your contact information thoroughly and make any necessary corrections.

If you are certain that your ad was rejected by mistake, or you don't fully understand why it was rejected, please write us. Please include the order number along with a justification of your position.

Paying for your order

Ad impressions will only start once payment for your order has been received. You can find more information about payment methods and times in the How to pay for your ad section.

My browser is displaying outdated information

Press Ctrl + F5 to update the information.

My ad is not receiving guaranteed impressions

Check your ad impression numbers, by keywords, on the Yandex.Direct all ads page.

Ad impressions stop at certain times and days (time targeting)

Check your campaign settings to make sure that these times conform to those specified in time targeting.

Ad impressions don't take place in certain regions (geotargeting)

The IP address of your computer may not be in our database or may belong to a different geographic region. In this case, you cannot see your ad, although other visitors can. You can send us your IP address via the feedback form so that we can tell you exactly what the reason is.

Find out your IP address

My ads have still not been activated

The time it takes between activating your order and impressions commencing can be up to 40 minutes, or up to three hours during peak times.