Where are my ads shown?

Your ad can be shown in Yandex search results, on sites in its Advertising Network, and on pages of the ad exchange. Additional information about advertising spaces is available in the Ad Serving Rules.


Ads may be displayed on the Yandex search results page in response to a user query in three different blocks: above the search results, below the search results, or on the right-hand side.

Yandex Services

Ads may be shown not only on Yandex search results, but also in Yandex's services, such as Market, Maps, News, Weather, Business Directory, and many others.

Yandex Advertising Network (YAN)

The Yandex Advertising Network brings together thousands of different sites including some of the largest sites of the Russian internet. The Advertising Network has its own unique audience, therefore displaying ads on its sites will significantly increase the coverage of your advertising.

Here are just some of the sites that are part of YAN:

  • — one of the leading portals on the Russian internet
  • — “LiveJournal” is one of the largest blog hosting sites
  • (“Iz Ruk v Ruki”) and (“AVITO”) are two of the largest classified ad websites

Ad exchange

Along with the Yandex Advertising Network, ads in Yandex.Direct can be shown on content sites of the ad exchange, for example, Smaato. Find out more about the ad exchange.

The “All ads” section

In each of the ad blocks on Yandex.Search there is a link to All ads which is another place to display your ads. After clicking through on that link, the page displays all ads from Direct for that specific search query.