How much does advertising on Yandex.Direct cost?

The minimum order amount in Yandex.Direct is 300 rubles (values for other currencies) excluding VAT. Impressions will start as soon as payment is received.

Advertisers only pay for actual clicks (conversions) from the ad to their website or vCard, i.e. the advertiser only pays for traffic directly resulting from their ad.

Our ad system forecasts the approximate budget required to run the campaign for a week depending on the campaign settings (keywords, region, and impression strategies). This amount will be displayed when the invoice is generated. In any case, you can pay the recommended amount or enter your own (from 300 Rubles).

For orders created on August 27, 2013 or later, all monetary values are specified without VAT.

Please, note that agencies do not provide discounts for contextual advertising on Yandex.Direct, that is why any offers to pay for Yandex.Direct services with a discount are deliberately fraudulent.


* In some rare cases the ad system may not be able to forecast the weekly budget.