How do I select an optimal budget?

There are no fixed prices in Direct. You choose what sum of money you are ready to spend on advertising per week. Funds are withdrawn from your account with each click, which is when users click through to your site from an ad or online vCard.

Minimum weekly budget is 300 rubles.

When setting a budget, you can instead be guided by how many visitors you want, which is displayed in the Total visitors field. A sufficient budget allows the system to frequently show your ads in prominent positions and attract more potential customers.

The system itself will recommend an effective budget

After analyzing keywords and display regions, the system will suggest an optimal budget size.

Direct's system effectively manages any budget: it does not waste money on unnecessary and expensive clicks, and tries to get as many clicks as possible at the specified weekly budget.

If there are several ads, then the system will distribute the weekly budget among all active ads.


The expected number of visitors and recommended budget, which you see while configuring it, is the result of a forecast. The final number of visitors may differ from the amount forecasted. Under some conditions the system is not able to forecast the number of visitors.