Ad layout

To pass moderation, your ad should be formatted correctly:

Heading and text

The ad text should accurately specify the object (product or service) of the advertisement.

Comparative or superlative forms of words can be used in your ad text only if your website contains an independent expert conclusion on the advantages of your product or service over other products or services. If no such conclusions are available, do not use words in superlative form.

If you advertise a news resource, please use a phrase in the ad's text indicating that the link leads to an information site. For this purpose, use phrases with such words as “see more” and “details at”. If an ad text contains information about a news article published on the advertiser's site, then the ad should lead to the webpage where said article is published.

The following is not allowed in headers and texts:

  • use of slang, crude, or colloquial expressions
  • false information (knowingly misleading promises and statements)
  • calls to aggression, inciting acts of cruelty or violence
  • repetition of the same words or phrases
  • contact information (for example, phone numbers, email addresses)
  • words or phrases in foreign languages (except for brands and trademarks)
  • prices in foreign currencies
  • distressing words or phrases (for example, “terrorist attack”, “murder”, “death”, “peril”)

Make sure the following are not present in ad texts:

  • typos, grammar, and spelling mistakes
  • words written with spaces between each l e t t e r
  • words written in ALL CAPS (with the exception of abbreviations such as GOST)


Please make sure that the redirect page that your ad refers to meets Yandex's requirements:

  • is relevant to the ad text
  • is accessible and properly displays in all web browsers
  • does not include malicious content, links to phishing websites that steal personal data, or redirects to third party websites
  • does not contain pop-ups or pop-unders (except contact forms for online consultations, etc.)
  • the ad block does not cover more than half of the first screen
  • information about discounts, products, or services mentioned in the ad is clearly visible on the redirect page
  • if the ad link leads to website in a language other than the language of the ad, you must provide information about this in the ad's text.


The ad's should contain a contact phone number. Make sure the phone number is valid. Moderators will call during the organization's office hours.

You can add the following details: the contact person's name and detailed information about a product or service. The text in the vCard must meet the same requirements as the ad text.

In case of online sales (if you have no retail points of sale), specify the organization's name, its OGRN (main state registration number for legal entities), or OGRNIP (main state registration number for individual entrepreneurs).


Keywords must be directly related to the ad content.

Avoid loose keywords that do not accurately describe your product or service, e.g.: buy, apartment, discount. Replace them with phrases that specify your offer: buy children's chair at a discount, buy apartment in the center of Moscow and so on.

Products and services that include adult content can be advertised only for exact target queries from users who have indicated that they want to view such ads. For example, when advertising erotic lingerie, the use of more general keywords, such as underwear, is not allowed.