Questions and answers

System requirements

These are the minimum requirements for launching the program. For Windows OS, you should have at least Windows XP. For Mac OS, it should be no earlier than version 10.6.

We recommend the following for the application to run smoothly:

  • Windows: Intel Pentium Dual Core and higher, 2GB RAM, Windows 7.

  • Mac OS: Intel Pentium Dual Core and higher, 2GB RAM, Mac OS version 10.6 and higher.

Log in error. Access denied

You may get an "Access denied" error when attempting to log in to Commander for the following reasons:

  • You are not a Yandex.Direct client. In this case, you need to create at least one ad campaign in the web-interface and try logging in again.

  • You may have set up restrictions regarding which IP-address you can access Commander from. You can change the settings on the Direct API access management page under the Parameters tab in the Permitted IP addresses field.

If the error persists, please contact Yandex's support service for Direct Commander.

Log in error. Authorization server is not accessible

If you get the error message "Cannot connect to authorization server" when trying to log in to Commander, follow the recommendations below.

  • If you're using a Windows OS, check whether you are permitted to set up secured connections in Internet Explorer:

    1. Click (Service) → Internet Options in the upper right corner.
    2. Go to the Advanced tab in the settings window.
    3. In the Parameters block, the box next to TLS 1.0 should be checked.
  • Check your Direct API access: go to in Internet Explorer (for Windows users) or Safari (for Mac OS users). The word "hello" should appear on the screen. If nothing appears on the screen it's possible that an antivirus, firewall, or security certificate is blocking Commander. Check the program settings and try logging in again.

If the error persists, please contact Yandex's support service for Direct Commander.

A client is missing

If a client exists, but is not displayed under the Clients tab, we recommend that you first try to get an updated client list from the server.

Next, make sure that filters are disabled in the tab.

You can only register a new client in the web interface. Afterwards, you will need to receive an updated client list from the server in Direct Commander.

A campaign is missing

If the campaign you need is missing from the Campaigns tab, you first need to get an updated campaign list from the server.

You need to get a separate campaign list for each client that the agency representative in question works with in order to view a current list of their campaigns.

Next, make sure that filters are disabled in the tab.

If the campaign in question has been archived, click to display archived campaigns. If the button is orange, it means that archived campaigns are displayed in the list.

Campaign contains errors

If a campaign is marked with a icon, that means that it contains errors and cannot be send to the Yandex.Direct server.

Move the mouse cursor to the icon to find out where the error is. The error(s) may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • One or several ads in the campaign contain errors

  • The campaign settings contains invalid values or required parameters have not been entered.

After all errors have been fixed, the next to the campaign's name will change to the icon.

What does “Split group” mean?

If a group contains more than 200 keywords, the group will be marked with the symbol . You need to split the group before you send your campaign to the server.

You can split the group by clicking on the button that appears in the prompt with the error description. Alternatively, you can find this option in the right-click menu when you click on the group. Splitting creates an identical group (or several groups) that the “excess” keywords are moved to.

How to log in under a different username

To log in with a different username, go to Application → Select username in the main menu.

In the form that appears, choose the username you want to use to log in to the program from the list in the Username field. If you want the program to remember this username the next time you log in, check Always use this username.

If the username you want is not in the list, select “another username”.

Click OK.

If “another username” was selected, a log in form will appear on the screen where you need to enter your username and password.

How to customize shared negative keywords

You can enter shared negative keywords for the group in group parameters.

You can set shared negative keywords for the whole campaign on the campaign settings tab.

How to find a campaign or group by keyword or ad

Navigation links are found at the top of each tab. For example, one click on links in the Ads and Phrases tabs take you to the ad group or campaign that the currently selected ad or keyword is from. These links are especially useful when several groups or campaigns' ads or keywords are displayed under the tab.

If you select multiple keywords or ads that are from several different ad groups or campaigns, then the navigation links will help you find and highlight all the parent projects.

Navigation links are useful if, for example, you know what keyword a group contains and want to search groups or campaigns for them. Just find the keyword, and then follow the navigation link to get to the appropriate group or campaign.

What is the star for?

You can mark any object - a campaign, ad, or keyword - with a star “as a reminder” for yourself. You can place a star in three ways: by clicking in the corresponding field, using the context menu (after selecting several items and right-clicking on them), or with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M.

You can easily find your starred items in the future using the filter or by sorting.