Creating a campaign

To create an ad campaign, perform the following actions:

  1. If you are an agency representative, select the client for whom the campaign is being created in the Clients tab.
  2. Click the button in the Campaigns tab.

    Select the campaign type: “Text & Image Ads” or “Ads for Mobile Apps”. Where an ad is displayed and what settings you can configure depend on the campaign type. More about campaign types...

  3. Go to the campaign parameters tab and specify the necessary settings.

  4. Go to the Ad groups tab and create one or several groups.
  5. Go to the Ads tab and fill out the ad parameters.

    • To customize a vCard for an ad, double click in the vCard field. The vCard's parameters window will open.
    • To add an image, double click in Name of image (see the section Working with images).
  6. Go to the Phrases tab and set the keywords for which the ad group will be displayed.

    • Tap .
    • In the New keywords window that appears, you can enter keywords, paste them from the clipboard, or generate them (see the section Adding keywords). Click Add.
    • Under the Phrases tab, enter the keyword parameters: the bid or priority (depending on the selected strategy), etc.
  7. Send the created campaign to the Direct server.